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"Rich in anecdote, filled with perceptions of players and long ago days of the national pastime, “Rumor in Town” is a winner."


"I've read many baseball books and this was a most enjoyable, sad, touching, yet entertaining book, that I could not put it down. I can honestly tell you it is as good as any baseball book that I have read in years. Well done Matt!"

-George Michael, host of the George Michael Sports Machine

Read your book with great interest. Terrific stuff. Makes you remember what an owner-oriented game baseball was in the long ago. Your grandfather sounds like quite a guy. You more than do him proud.

-Leigh Montville
New York Times bestselling author of THE BIG BAM and TED WILLIAMS

I'd never heard the rumor before. What a horrible thing to have to bear, for - perhaps - the pettiest of reasons. Well done.

-Bill Nowlin
author of RED SOX TREADS

What a great book! You cleared his name even if baseball
never does.

-Scott Anderson, Merchantville, NJ

Just finished your wonderful book! Having been a baseball fan & Grandfather the story was highly enlightening - so much for the wonderful lords of baseball. You can be very proud of your Grandfather and yourself. He and you are the true heroes of the game. Thank you again for a very moving story. Your Grandfather can rest in peace
thanks to his grandson.

-Glen Mull, Hackettstown, NJ

This book truly touched me. I have always been a big fan of Lou Gehrig, so I was very interested to read about his replacement. It is one of the most unbelievable stories I have ever heard in terms of baseball. I know your grandfather is proud of you for telling his story, and I am proud to have read it. Thank you.

-Eric Kopp, Wilson NC

It was a terrific book. Once I started reading it I simply could not put it down. I must tell you, Matt, the more I read your book the more irate I became. You did a wonderful job in presenting your grandfather's case. The evidence of his innocence and McCarthy's and Rickey's guilt is quite compelling. As a matter of fact, I was so disturbed by what I read that I immediately wrote to Bud Selig.

-Francis J. Buckley III, Haddam, CT

Letter to Commissioner Selig: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

I have been a baseball fan for 70 years and I can remember as a little kid sneaking into Shibe Park to see Babe Dahlgren play first base as he was my hero. In my later years, I had the honor of talking to him on the phone a few times and he was nothing but a gentleman; a real class act. After reading his grandson's book and talking to him on the phone, Matt is a 'chip off the old block.' This book is great and your grandfather would be real proud of you Matt.

-Harry Esling, Croydon, PA

One of the better baseball books I have read in recent years.

-Marc DeBanico, Peterborough, NH

I'm glad you told his story because no one else would have, especially those in Major League Baseball. It made me mad to know that Babe couldn't get a fair hearing or resolution of that malicious rumor.

-Dave Howell, Annandale, VA

Just finished reading Rumor in Town, very well done. In telling of your grandfathers story you have shown true devotion to a truly great man. The love for his family and the game he loved comes across on every page. The part of the book I enjoyed the most were the conversations you had with your grandfather. What a shame that small minded people could cause so much pain and suffering.

-Rick Swift, Henderson, NV

Great book! Really enjoyed it. As someone who fancies himself as a baseball historian and who was also close with my own grandfather, I found it to be a very compelling story. It's interesting to speculate what kind of career Babe would have had without the unfair burden he carried. What a tragedy. And after reading the nearly unanimous opinions of his contemporaries, I'm convinced he has to rank as one of baseball's all-time best defensive first basemen. Unfortunately, up to now, he has never received the credit due him. I think your grandfather would be very pleased with this effort to clear his name.

-Gary L. Livacari, Park Ridge, IL

I truly enjoyed the book. A true story of love for a grandson to right a wrong that was undeserved and committed.

-Roger Erickson, Kansas City, MO

Very compelling story. I couldn't put it down. A very moving account of a good man's career in baseball's golden age.

-Russ McLean, Portland, OR